A Global View of Your Health


Modern medicine is defined as the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.  The first two aspects are very well characterized. For example, when you get sick, you take medicine and feel better.  Prevention is where things get tricky. How do you anticipate and avoid illness? Or more importantly, improve your wellness?

We believe the answer is multi-omics − an in-depth analysis of your genetic and molecular makeup to fully characterize how your body works.  With this profile you can anticipate changes and see potential issues from a mile away.

Genome Sequencing

The human genome consists of six billion bases represented by four letters, A, T, C and G.  This random letter sequence is the blueprint for your eye color, hairline, and whether you will have a hairline in the future. 

At Allele your complete genome sequence will be determined and used as the foundation for every aspect of the protective medicine program. This ensures our ability to trace all findings back to your unique genetic makeup and present recommendations to your physician that are tailored to you. 


Metabolomics is the study of various molecules, chemicals and hormones present within your tissues or biofluids. Metabolites are commonly tested during routine medical exams to assess the function of your organs (kidneys, liver, heart); however, these tests often focus on one or two specific compounds. At Allele, we have expanded metabolomic testing to cover thousands of compounds within a single sample, giving you a true snapshot of your metabolic processes.


The human microbiome is a complex network of over 100 trillion bacteria from one thousand different species living in your digestive tract. This enormous population is directly affected by various factors in your life including diet, exercise, medication and stress.  Your microbiome can strongly influence your physiology, both in healthy and diseased states. A thorough characterization of your microbiome can be vital in assessing your personal health. 


Circulating cell-free (cf) DNA and RNA are constantly present within the bloodstream in trace amounts.  Colloquially known as a liquid biopsy, analysis of circulating nucleic acids is one of the best forms of early cancer detection.  Additionally, proper  cfDNA and RNA examination allows for the characterization of various infectious diseases and chronic conditions.